What is cyber crime?

Cyber crime encompasses any criminal act as defined by law that was committed with the use of a computer or any electronic device with the on or off the internet. There are mainly two types of cyber crimes that needs a cyber investigation i.e. violent or potential violent and non-violent cyber crimes, both cyber crimes can lead to risks.

Violent cyber crimes can include:

Cyber terrorism: cyber space or internet used by a terrorist for communication by planning violent acts a such as bomb blasts or abducting, plane hacking and crashing.

Assault by threat: threatening a person of bomb blasts or attacks on organization, or government through mail or calls is a good example.

Child pornography: engaging in the making of any pornographic material of under aged children, sharing or accessing it it online.

Cyber stalking: messaging or harassing someone continuously on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram can be considered a violent cyber crime by law.

Non violent cyber crimes are:

Cyber theft: using someone else’s atm, credit or banking cards without legal written consent or permission is a good example of cyber theft. The act of Piracy, plagiarism, unlawful appropriation, DNS cache poisoning, identity theft, embezzlement and company espionage is among the serious cyber crimes often investigated by private firms such as the ICIA to gather evidence to file a criminal investigation.

Cyber fraud: the online selling fake things disguising as real in example: the victim willingly pays money and gets duped. eBay is a good example of where these fraud takes place. Don’t get scammed by emails asking you to pay a certain amount of money and get “ work from home” jobs in return. Its almost certainly fraud but ignorant people still fall victim to this scam.

Cyber trespass: a person guilty of computer trespass if h / she intentionally and without authorization accesses another persons private computer.

Destructive cybercrime: hackers who hack to gain access to one’s computer is often used to wipe out all important files, documents or invade into one’s private space. Hackers are known to leave virus and malicious software to target victims over again and again.

Women and children have been found to be most credulous in the online markets. Cyber crimes against woman and children have been on the sharp rise. Women are often subjected to cyber crimes such as online stalking known as “eStalking“, matrimonial and marriage frauds, cyber pornography and cyber defamation. The International Cybercrime Investigation Agency often investigates victims where Children are targets for cyber criminals at the requests of desperate parents.

Parents biggest fear is that most teenagers and adolescents manage their online presence without adult guidance. It is hard to recover from the series of deaths of innocent teenagers occurring from the online suicidal game for e.g. the notorious “Blue whale game”. In fact, as parents, if restlessness, insomnia, excess addiction to the internet or other unnatural changes is observed in the child’s behavior, then it is about time that one has to exercise caution and keep track of the child’s online activities.

While banks safeguard against sophisticated phishing attacks across other areas of the global cyber network, they cannot afford to ignore the cyber crime dangers to which ATMs are prey. Its a fact that cyber hackers often view ATM’s as easy access to a bank’s infrastructure to steel money. While unauthorized access might not always be preventable, we can be cautious about malware, viruses during the use a secure internet connection. The use of a strong password is not good enough We advise our clients that personal information on social media should not be shared, we should ensure vigilance protection against identity theft, and know what to do if you becomes a victim of cybercrime online.

An act of cyber bullying can be reported at any cyber crime cell of any city, regardless of the place where the act was committed. often these cases are neglected and not investigated due to a lack of evidence received by law enforcement. ICIA Agency helps you gather that evidence. By rule of law cyber bullying or cyber harassment of any kind is considered as a cyber crime and the laws covering are often listed under the Information Technology Act of a country.

With the rise of such cyber crimes happening on regular basis, every citizen should be aware and keep up to the information related to this, maybe an awareness campaign could be conducted by the Government or any organization so that more and more people would know how to be safe from Cyber Crime.