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Infected Hotel Websites

Hundreds of hotel and travel websites infected with malware to steal your data. After the lockdown, you may consider going on holiday, but beware! The hotel room may be cleaner than normal after the Coronavirus, but we cannot say the same about the websites!

Advertising By Criminals

Criminals are paying for floating advertising banners marketing real products within websites. Once the criminal has an advertising account for a real product such as a medical PPE device or new gadget, they can then infect the banner with malware, the banner will record all data being filled into the website by the victim.

Hotel Chains

These websites are real and owned by large hotel and travel companies.  One recent victim filled in the information on an international travel website and immediately  received a phone call from a suspicious mobile phone number asking to verify his details.  The victim quickly cancelled his credit card and contacted the website by phone.

Lack of Cybersecurity

The hotels and travel agencies are unaware of the infected advertising banners and some banners are put into place to infect the host server with malware that infects all website visitors. Recent research showed 95% of hotels had insufficient cyber security measures in place.

What can we do about this?

Avoid websites with excessive advertising banners. Ads in particular can contain malicious scripts and install stuff without you ever realising it. Block all ads with an Adblocker or µBlock Origin and javascript with NoScript, although these are mostly for convenience and tracking prevention.  Installing good anti-virus in your systems will cut down the risk of infection.If you suspect any suspicious behaviour, the owner of the website should be contacted by phone. This problem can exist on any website that collects data.


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