What to Expect When Hiring a Cybercrime Investigator

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Professional membership

Does your investigator have professional membership to associations that will provide strict vetting and due diligence checks on it’s members, such as CYBERPOL Private Eyes ™ etc?

Respected & Licensed Investigator

Does your investigator have a license to perform their duties? Imagine going to court and the defence team finding out the investigator is not licensed! Some countries exist where there are no investigation licensing regulations. CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization (By Decree) is recognised in hundreds of countries for providing internet and hi-tech policing solutions to law enforcement and the private sector, now provide licensing and vetting in the area of cybercrime investigation & enhanced due diligence. CYBERPOL Private Eyes ™ is now the global force in cyber investigation professionals.

Cheap investigators can be the most expensive!

if you ever consider hiring cheap investigators, then please consider that they can be the most expensive in the long run. Results can depend upon resources and budgets. We have known some Investigators to bill clients such a cheap rate that they will keep the job running for four times longer when the job could have been done in a shorter time period at a regular cost.

High Tech Investigation Methods

Conducting high technology investigations would need professional equipment, the latest software, updated methods and services such as Trace & Track ™ provided only by Licensed members of CYBERPOL Private Eyes ™. Trace and Track ™ has the big advantage in finding deep hidden information to save your case. (Availability is subject to case details)

Be open with a professional investigator

Withholding case information can prolong the case.
If you used a private investigator on your case previously, make sure to share existing findings, this may cut down the man-hours and prevent repeating certain work. 

Your privacy 

Professional investigators will have a code of conduct to keep all delicate and sensitive information confidential and will abide by strict privacy laws that are now in force. The investigator should also provide a secure phone or messaging solution in case your devices are compromised.

How much does uncovering the truth cost?

If you are considering business deal, investing your life savings or having a business merger and there may be some suspicion, don’t delay the matter and let it slowly ruin the financial situation, get the suspicion checked quickly and realise that an investigator’s work can save you millions in costs later on.
Some cases have time constraints, so you need to work fast hiring a cybercrime & private investigator.


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