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Job Scam Alert!

Be aware of those too ‘good to be true’ job offers

Scam Job Offer Alert!

Employment scams are on the rise globally. Fraudsters see the COVID19 situation as a huge opportunity to exploit victims, as millions of workers have lost their jobs to the financial effects of the Coronavirus.

Bogus Cheques

The scammers use sophisticated techniques in order to create fake websites and use a counterfeit financial profile, such as bogus cheques. The fraudsters will send you one of these bogus cheques to cover costs of computers and equipment while working from home, so a certain amount of trust is then built up.  After this, the victim sends a fresh cheque to purchases the items from a ‘given supplier’ and trusts the scammers cheque has cleared, but guess what? The original fraudsters cheque bounces and you are left in the red.

The Job Offer that Puts Your Life at Risk

One young lady was offered a very nicely paid casino job, after checks by our investigators with the casino, no job of this type existed, instead, the phone number was from a brothel that was later closed down due to human trafficking, the victims had passports taken away, were drugged and locked inside the fortified building. That victim was lucky, others had years of abuse.

What you can do

When you see the job offer online, it is important to authenticate as much as you can, contact the company directly and research the employer.Something seems suspicious? stay safe and consult a professional investigator.

ICI Advice

ICIA advises the public to notify the origin of the job advert of any cases of fraud.
If you find the fraudsters on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc remember the three R’s ‘Recognize, Reject and Report.'”
Chief Investigator of ICIA, said that not all fraudsters are offshore, and out of reach, they are all around us and can be traced by our investigators.


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