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Online Safety For Kids

How safe are your child’s computer devices?

Getting Started

Start by installing antivirus software. You may feel safe because you have a Mac, but in fact, anything can be hacked. Viruses and other malware pose a risk for any computer For computer protection, you can install antivirus software.

Location of the Computer

For youngsters, keep the computer in a main room such as your living room or in another common area. You reduce the chance of your child visiting inappropriate websites and talking to strangers.  Teenagers will tend to have their own computers and will ask for more privacy.

Restricting Internet Usage

Shutting down the router at a certain time each evening to stop the wifi may be drastic and children may eventually find a hotspot somewhere. Laptops with Windows and Mac OS can allow you to add parental controls, controlling which applications can be opened and add website restrictions.Parental control software is also available such as Net Nanny etc.

Safe Browsing

Mobile devices can be installed with kid-friendly browsers such as Kiddle, Kidsplorer, Pikluk (kid friendly email) and  ZAC Browser is a  browser for children with Autism, designed by a grandfather who has an autistic grandson. Remove/disable Play Store in settings, this will hide the app from the main screen.

Hidden Apps

Beware of fake apps that can be installed to look like a photo gallery app, but the main focus is really for hiding prohibited apps. Children can be tech savvy!

Talk to Your Children

Chat to your children and Inform them that they must look out for suspicious people trying to connect them and that they must stay within their circle of friends.

Online Predators

Websites such as Facebook and Instagram are hot favourites for children, but low on safety. One recent predator in the UK was arrested after grooming over 5000 children on Facebook online over several years. Thankfully he is now behind bars.

Stay safe and enjoy the internet!


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