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Those Goods That Never Arrived….Should Have Consulted ICIA…

Know who you are dealing with?
Due diligence is the process of evaluating the risks involved in a partnership with a potential vendor. It helps organizations avoid or mitigate threats.

Due Diligence is needed now more than ever before!
Cybercrime has increased by several hundred percent in the past year. A huge amount of fake businesses have been made during this time.
Does your new business contact exist?
Who really owns the property or business?
Has the new business partner been involved in fraud & scam operations?

What can be done?
Due diligence can take place in many stages of the process. From pre-partnership investigation, to ongoing and periodic continuous due diligence and even post-due diligence after a worst-case scenario, such as a breach in trust.

International Cybercrime Investigation Agency is here to help!
Know your supplier, prospective business partner and clients before you make the next deal and safeguard your business and reputation with ICIA’s enhanced international due diligence services.

ICIA Cybercrime Investigation team is HERE


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