Wi-Fi Printer Security Alert

ICIA Cybercrime Investigation Alert!

International Cybercrime Investigation Agency cares about your online safety.

Wi-Fi Printers are in most businesses and homes.

Who set up your printer and how?
Some businesses could be unknowingly sharing and leaking confidential documents through open wifi.
When using a WiFi printer, please take care and consider your confidential documents can/will be shared to the printer manufacturer’s server.

Consent To Share
On printer set-up, most people will give consent to share information to the printer manufacturers server, for instance, while setting up the new printer. Check the small print and re-install the printer and check the settings and uncheck the boxes. This could be exploited by hackers and used as a ‘back door’.

Stay Safe Online
Better still, all wi-fi is susceptible to hacking, so use a cable that will add some extra security.

Direct Cable Connection
If your printer is connected directly by cable to something other than a computer, get cyber security trained staff to identify any unknown devices attached to your network.

Sharing Your Confidential Data
Legal firms and medical practices take care with those confidential files!

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