Cybercrime Alert!

Cybercrime Investigation News by ICIA

Cybersecurity& Cybercrime Alert!
HKD$900million money laundering bust in Hong Kong.

30 investment frauds and 25 romance scams.
9 people arrested that conned 55 victims.
One victim lost HKD$9million in 27 Transactions for mining Bitcoins.

Cybersecurity Alert..
Billions of data records have been leaked by social media in the last month, your personal emails and phone numbers could be in these lists, making it easy for scammers to contact you.

Inform your friends and family..
Beware of all online contact with unknown people and companies.
Inform teenagers and elderly friends and family to not accept stranger’s connections.

If you or your family suspect fraud or are the victims of fraud ICIA can help.

ICIA Cybercrime Investigation team is HERE


International CyberCrime Investigation Agency Pty Ltd.

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