Phishing Alert!

ICIA Cybercrime Investigation Alert!

A Year of Phishing Attacks
2020 saw phishing attacks increase by over 500%, the first two months alone saw a staggering 35% increase in phishing attacks. International Cybercrime Investigation Agency is appealing to the public to take precautions from the increase in persistent phishing attacks.

What is Phishing?
This is where hackers attempt to build trust with consumers in order to obtain their personal information like social security numbers or credit card information. This leaves the victim open to numerous cybercrime attacks.

8 types of Phishing attacks are:
– Spear phishing: Going after chosen targets
– Whaling: Going after the big boss/director
– Phishing: Mass-market emails
– Vishing: Phishing over the phone
– Smishing: Phishing via text message
– Snowshoeing: Spreading poisonous messages
– Business email compromise (BEC):
Pretending to be the CEO
– Clone phishing: When copies of existing websites, businesses are made

Massive Rise in Attacks
According to monitoring done by Webroot, over 285 million real world endpoints and sensors and specialised third party data bases, showed a massive rise in phishing attacks In the last year. During this time a rise of over 500% was found to target through social media. YouTube saw a whopping 3,000% increase in fishing activity! Netflix over 500%. With hackers sending fake emails appearing to be from big service providers.

Cyber Security & Data Security
The alarming findings show the need for data & cyber security and the public must take precautions from the persistent creativity of criminals. Once the hackers attack, millions of dollars of damage can be done towards a business and attacks on individuals can be devastating.

Undetected Malware
After fishing attacks, vast numbers of devices were found to contain some kind of malware infection making the victim vulnerable for future attacks. Android devices accounted for 96% of all the threats detected. Some customers showed an unwillingness to update their Android devices, putting themselves at risk to cyber attacks. The lesson is; upgrade your cyber security, update your devices. An average 6 months before victims discover they have been hacked.

If you or your friends are the victims of cybercrime.
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