Cyber Threats of Returning Back to the Office After Lockdown

ICIA Cybercrime Investigation Alert!

Lockdown has been lifted, no wait, it’s lockdown again, no hang-on, when it is time to go back to your office you need to consider this cyber security threat!

Get prepared for Cyber-Attack Lockdown!
Many workers are now returning to the offices, bringing their personal devices with them.
Some organisations and businesses are up against a huge threat, With many executives clueless about cybersecurity, including IT pros.

Blindness to the Issue of Cyber Security
People are alarmingly blind to the severity of the constant cyber attacks every minute of the day and may have missed the news about water supplies, being hacked, companies with ransomware attacks happening weekly, and also the recent Colonial Pipeline shutdown has also been a big news issue.

Alarming Company Staff Interview
2000 US company staff members were interviewed, out of those, 20% haven’t even heard of these recent cyber attacks and 45% had no awareness about the attempt to hack into Florida’s water supply and poison the public.
70% of workers returning to the office were planning to bring their devices including laptops, USBs, external drives etc. back into their office after working from home and don’t consider any risk by cross device infection.

Cyber-Attack Lockdown
Many companies are unaware of where the staff have been working lately during the pandemic. 54% of workers returning to the office didn’t think there’s any risks at all. But the risks of infecting the company with malware from your device also puts your job at risk, cyber attacks can mean several weeks or a month of company server shutdown.
80% of these workers interviewed returning to their offices were IT pros. The staff in charge of IT security!

Cyber Security Insurance Policy Nightmare
One particular International HR company with 1000s of clients a week moving through their server system, informed us they had no cybersecurity whatsoever only an IT team in an overseas location away from the head office and had no idea how to protect the server system properly. ICIA examined the system and found it to be breached and 90% of the company email passwords were found in an online search by our investigators. Company executives and client’s details were all breached and available for sale online on the dark web or cyber forums.

Cyber attacks happen every few minutes. It is now time to get your staff cybersecurity trained!

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