Cryptocurrency Selfie Scams

ICIA is warning the public to be on the lookout for this cryptocurrency selfie scam
Victims have received phone calls recently informing them that “They are very lucky and have won Bitcoins” The victim is then asked to verify their identity by providing personal and financial details and send the scammers a selfie photo. This was brought to our attention from UK victims.
Stolen Identity
The identity is stolen and the selfie photo will be used by criminals on a messenger or dating app profile picture to contact the next bunch of victims.
Evading Social Media Software
The selfie photo is a very personal item that is more likely to evade fake profile detection software used by social media.
Recent Investigations by ICIA
Recent cryptocurrency scam investigations by ICIA reveal crypto wallets that have accumulated billions of dollars during the COVID19 cybercrime time period January 2020 to July 2021 Some wallets are monitored for activity, some such Bitcoin wallets under our investigation have increased to $2.3billionUSD, $3.6billion and another to $94billionUSD.
Thousands of Victims
These huge amounts of stolen cryptocurrency represent 10s of thousands of victims involved in scam crypto investment fraud and it is just beginning.

Please inform friends and family of this scam and stay safe online!

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