Unusual Electronic Crime Investigations (UEC)

ICIA Specialised InvestigationsNot Just For Cybercrime Investigation!

International Cybercrime Investigation Agency is not just about tracing cybercriminals or performing enhanced due diligence on subjects.

High Tech Crime

We are living in the age of high-technology and have a team to handle Unusual Electronic Crime (UEC). Crowds can be controlled by enhanced 5G frequencies, drones can be brought down by ‘signals’ from a gun and some military use plasma/laser cannon to burn holes through ships and aircraft, so now is the time for the public to wake up to Unusual Electronic Crimes.

Havana Syndrome

What some may call a mystery, others who investigate the matters know differently. Havana syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms reported by United States and Canadian embassy staff first in Havana, Cuba, dating to late 2016, and subsequently in other countries. Recent activity in Vienna is now being investigated by US intelligence, embassy officials have been recalled after falling ill and complaining of painful symptoms.
The BBC recently mentioned that worried embassy officials are now thinking twice before being posted overseas. According to the CIA agency director William J Burns, July 2021 spoke of 200 US officials and relations that had experienced Havana Syndrome.

UEC Investigation

ICIA’s team are one of the few private investigation firms to take on a UEC cybercrime case. What is mystery to some, can be fact to another…
Our team is able to handle sensitive and mysterious cases in which electronic devices have been used for crimes and have caused physical harm and damage.

Not Only Officials Affected

Our experience has found regular people and company executives can be the target of a UEC attack and not just consular staff.

Get the Answers You Need.

After a case has been handled by our team at ICIA, clients will be able to resume their lives again with our high success rate in finding the facts.
contact@ici-agency.com to find out Who, What, Where, How and Why.

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