Cyber Threat Investigation by ICIA

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People come to ICIA because most times their situation lacks evidence and they may also wish to know how safe their cyber environment is and require legal quality evidence for sensitive and confidential situations. Most companies and individuals have cyber security issues they do not know about that contributed to breaches in sensitive data.

Cyber Security + Investigation

Apart from Enhanced Due Diligence, ICIA has a large percentage of investment scam investigations involving Crypto Currency and other payment losses. Other popular services we offer are Cyber Threat Investigation for security firms, corporations and individuals. VIPs may have a bodyguard or a security team, but this does not offer online protection and investigation into serious data breaches.

Cyber Threat Investigation

ICIA has provided Cyber Threat Investigation to international leading organisations and individuals and provide an extensive overview of the cyber security threat situation we all face and advise the client of the necessary measures to protect family and business. During these investigations we provide sometimes shocking revelations of breaches in security and leaked personal information and malware infected systems enabling hackers to read confidential emails.

Successful Cases

ICIA is the best at what we do. We have the ability to track persons of interest and provide evidence to pinpoint who, what, where, how and when events happen and provide a legal case report on all the activity we find.

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