Cybercrime Investigation by ICIA

Cybercrime Investigation by ICIA

Online and Surrounded by Crime!

ICIA is witnessing that we are living in the most dangerous time to be online. Each month, billions of dollars are stolen by cybercriminals through scams and millions of dollars in lost revenue recorded by companies.

Worlds Biggest Scam Discovered

One such criminal gang has been tracked to a specific location by ICIA. Our cybercrime Investigation team is trained in Crypto Forensic Investigation and has pinpointed a Crypto gang responsible for scamming thousands of victims and was noted to make $90billion dollars in a weekend! Yes, billions not millions! Mind blowing figures to most people, but this is the facts most don’t want to hear about.

Trillion Dollar Scammers

CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization has found the biggest scam in the history of online crime. During the end of September 2021, CYBERPOL forecast this particular Crypto scam operation to generate 1 Trillion dollars by October Mid October 2021.

How Can ICIA Help?

Companies and victims usually report their losses to police, but the police most times only record the victims statements and the scammers will be in another continent far away. The reports will lack vital evidence of criminal activity, because the transaction was just one person transferring to another! ICIA offers victims a private and fast way to track and trace criminals online and provide evidence that this was indeed a cybercrime.

ICIA Successful Cases

ICIA have a high success rate with tracking cybercrime and can present a report of the findings that can be used as evidence. Just one email or phone number from a cybercriminal can be generated into an activity report to contain locations, names and other associated criminal evidence activity.

Company Cyber Defamation Cases Investigated by ICIA

Company cyber defamation has seen an increase due to the desperate lack of business during COVID19. Some companies have resorted to hiring hackers to destroy the reputations of it’s competitors. ICIA has successfully provided evidence of people, companies and locations in these defamation cases, enabling companies to take legal action. ICIA can handle these cases in a unique and beneficial way.

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