Cyber Crime Insights

Email Scams/BEC

Business Email Compromise

March 11, 2021

BEC Investigation  Business email compromise (BEC)Also known as email account compromise (EAC)This is among the most financially damaging online crimes.  A BEC scam fools the victim by copying/cloning an email of a company or person you are doing business with, making the email appear to come from a known source. An example: An email that […]

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Job Scam Alert!

June 30, 2020

Scam Job Offer Alert! Employment scams are on the rise globally. Fraudsters see the COVID19 situation as a huge opportunity to exploit victims, as millions of workers have lost their jobs to the financial effects of the Coronavirus. Bogus Cheques The scammers use sophisticated techniques in order to create fake websites and use a counterfeit […]

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