Cybercrime Investigation by ICIA

October 11, 2021

Online and Surrounded by Crime! ICIA is witnessing that we are living in the most dangerous time to be online. Each month, billions of dollars are stolen by cybercriminals through scams and millions of dollars in lost revenue recorded by companies. Worlds Biggest Scam Discovered One such criminal gang has been tracked to a specific […]

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July 18, 2021

ICIA Cybercrime Investigation Alert! ARE YOU Involved With A Fraudster? International Cybercrime Investigation Agency Takes a Look at 20 Red Flag Signs of Fraud Scammers are Stealing Billions of Dollars Per Week Fraudsters are invading social media groups at alarming rates with promises of making big profits by getting you to invest your Bitcoins or […]

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Job Scam Alert!

June 30, 2020

Scam Job Offer Alert! Employment scams are on the rise globally. Fraudsters see the COVID19 situation as a huge opportunity to exploit victims, as millions of workers have lost their jobs to the financial effects of the Coronavirus. Bogus Cheques The scammers use sophisticated techniques in order to create fake websites and use a counterfeit […]

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Crypto-queen Ruja Ignatova now Wanted by CYBERPOL

February 26, 2020

Onecoin Cybercrime Crypto Scam In 2014 Ruja Ignatova launched Onecoin a MLM/Cryptocurrency promising to bring on a financial tech revolution. Onecoin was promoted by effective marketing in 2017 and netted $4 billion from international investors. Those investors were duped into a large cybercrime ponzi scam. Onecoin did turn out to be a mega huge cybercrime […]

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