Cybercrime Investigation

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Cybercrime Investigation and internet computer oriented crime, is cyber crime that involves a computer, network and internet. A computer may have been used in a cyber crime, or it may be the target of a cyber crime. International Cybercrime Agency the ICIA’s Cyber Crime and Internet Security Investigation cyber criminal experts investigate, analyse and recover forensic data from the Internet.

International CyberCrime Investigation Agency UK Company Number 12471058 & Hong Kong Company Number 2982687 is a privately held international cybercrime investigation agency facilitating the widest possible clientele from around the globe. We investigate cybercrime, cold-cases and internet activities that cause our client’s financial damage and emotional distress.

Cybercrime Investigation the private way…

Often these cases are neglected by law-enforcement due to a lack of evidence. We find the missing evidence links and make sure action is taken. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our client’s needs have been satisfactory met.
Where and if necessary we interact with law enforcement, but as a general rule we do not share the information we find.

Cybercrime Investigation you can count on

The International Cybercrime Investigation Agency (ICIA) work with a range of national and international detective agencies and legal firms conducting cybercrime investigations and research in the field of cybercrime and digital forensics world wide.


The director is a member of:

United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network (UKPIN)
The International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA)

Executive Committee Member of:

European Centre For Information Policy & Security (ECIPS)
“European WatchDog” on monitoring and Investigating European Security Threats. https://www.ecips.eu/