Business Email Compromise

March 11, 2021

BEC Investigation  Business email compromise (BEC)Also known as email account compromise (EAC)This is among the most financially damaging online crimes.  A BEC scam fools the victim by copying/cloning an email of a company or person you are doing business with, making the email appear to come from a known source. An example: An email that […]

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Risk Advisory & Cyber Investigation

February 22, 2021

Know who you are dealing with?Due diligence is the process of evaluating the risks involved in a partnership with a potential vendor. It helps organizations avoid or mitigate threats. Due Diligence is needed now more than ever before!Cybercrime has increased by several hundred percent in the past year. A huge amount of fake businesses have […]

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February 22, 2021

CYBER BULLYING & ONLINE HATE CRIME Public reliance on tech is a growing area of concern because it is widely available and easy to implement. Cases of online abuse may not be easy to trace, but solutions are now available. Cyber AbuseThis is nothing to shrug off, this is a cyber crime affecting the psychological […]

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January 21, 2021

Bitcoin is the No1 payment choice for criminalsOur team at ICIA have the specialist training for examining the trail left behind. International Cybercrime Investigation Agency Cryptocurrency Investigation Team is ready to take your case. ICIA Forensic Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin investigators will leave no stone unturned in assisting with your case. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Dating Scams […]

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Online Safety For Kids

December 2, 2020

How safe are your child’s computer devices? Getting Started Start by installing antivirus software. You may feel safe because you have a Mac, but in fact, anything can be hacked. Viruses and other malware pose a risk for any computer For computer protection, you can install antivirus software. Location of the Computer For youngsters, keep […]

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Job Scam Alert!

June 30, 2020

Scam Job Offer Alert! Employment scams are on the rise globally. Fraudsters see the COVID19 situation as a huge opportunity to exploit victims, as millions of workers have lost their jobs to the financial effects of the Coronavirus. Bogus Cheques The scammers use sophisticated techniques in order to create fake websites and use a counterfeit […]

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What to Expect When Hiring a Cybercrime & Private Investigator

June 19, 2020

Professional membership Does your investigator have professional membership to associations that will provide strict vetting and due diligence checks on it’s members, such as CYBERPOL Private Eyes ™ etc? Respected & Licensed Investigator Does your investigator have a license to perform their duties? Imagine going to court and the defence team finding out the investigator […]

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Cybersecurity Alert

May 13, 2020

Infected Hotel Websites Hundreds of hotel and travel websites infected with malware to steal your data. After the lockdown, you may consider going on holiday, but beware! The hotel room may be cleaner than normal after the Coronavirus, but we cannot say the same about the websites! Advertising By Criminals Criminals are paying for floating […]

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Crypto-queen Ruja Ignatova now Wanted by CYBERPOL

February 26, 2020

Onecoin Cybercrime Crypto Scam In 2014 Ruja Ignatova launched Onecoin a MLM/Cryptocurrency promising to bring on a financial tech revolution. Onecoin was promoted by effective marketing in 2017 and netted $4 billion from international investors. Those investors were duped into a large cybercrime ponzi scam. Onecoin did turn out to be a mega huge cybercrime […]

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What is cyber crime?

February 24, 2020

Cyber crime encompasses any criminal act as defined by law that was committed with the use of a computer or any electronic device with the on or off the internet. There are mainly two types of cyber crimes that needs a cyber investigation i.e. violent or potential violent and non-violent cyber crimes, both cyber crimes […]

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