ICIA Comprehensive Risk Advisory & Cyber Investigation Services

Clients turn to ICIA when they need investment, independent analysis and investigation associated with new or potential business partners and cyber analysis against competitors. Our enhanced due diligence specialists will help clients across many sectors to mitigate risks that involve information linked to strategic decision.
ICIA provides strategic Cyber analysis from the following areas with cross border M&A support including the location of suitable partners, relationship mapping, competitive analysis, investigation and monitoring of competitive behaviour.

Decision Makers
ICIA identifies who is the influential partners to deal with and provide guidance on global privatisation, tender or licensing processes and comprehensive advice on new market entries.

Mounting Risks
ICIA realises companies are now faced with mounting risks and challenges partly the result of increased competition and the current tough business environment. The last 18 months has seen an increase in cybercrime, adding more risks to businesses, managing risks can impact the survival and success of companies.

Minimise Risks with ICIA
ICIA Risk Advisory Services can identify and minimise the risks a company will be taking during these challenging times. Our team draws from decades of experience in the investigation field, and offer solutions in enhanced due diligence both local and global.

ICIA, Your Risk Advisory Partner
Bringing ICIA on board as your risk advisory partner, gives our team The capability to evaluate potential threats to your organisation and gives you the advantage against your competitors.

Due diligence and Business intelligence investigation or audit of a potential partner, associate or company is an important process today to confirm all facts necessary to build trust. With the ICIA you can rest assure that our ‘deep dive’ reviews all such financial records and all DEPSINT materials.

Performing an enhanced due diligence cannot be done by basic tools anymore and much hidden information remains on the deep web of all public users today.

ICIA corporate investigation team specialize conducting Business Intelligence with a comprehensive due diligence check to find those hidden facts not accessible to ordinary investigators online. We have a track records working with Law enforcement on cold cases precisely for this reason.

We are the best in what we do. OSINT is not enough to get the data you need to support in litigation or proceedings today. It’s only important that we can provide the services and the evidence necessary.

International Cybercrime Investigation Agency specialise in corporate and business investigations, fraud and crime investigation, investigation of corruption and commercial insider threat espionage investigations.

ICIA is Your Choice for Cybercrime Investigation & Risk Advisory